The rescue world is in dire need of FOSTER HOMES right now. County shelters are FULL and even ones that have been No-Kill are going to have to resort to euthanasia because there is no space or resource to care for these animals.

When you foster, you are giving that dog or cat a safe waiting place until they find their forever home. You are also freeing up a space at a local shelter that allows another dog or cat to live.


Please don’t respond with “I couldn’t foster because I wouldn’t be able to let them go.” You CAN let them go because then you know you have space to save another 2.   PLEASE !!! WE NEED HELP !!!


If you are a previous adopter from Marden’s Ark Dog Tales, you are already approved to foster. If you are not, please visit our website and fill out a Foster Application. PLEASE !   Share with your friends and family that would be good foster homes.


You can choose the dog to foster.  It would need to be a good fit for your home size and energy wise.   Marden’s Ark Dog Tales will cover all expenses needed for your foster.   You just have to provide a loving, temporary environment.


This is urgent ! The shelters will not cease euthanasia due to a holiday week. In fact they may have to do more because the 4th of July fireworks and gun shots make many dogs afraid and that’s when most dogs run off and get lost. July 5th the shelters will be overflowing with stray dogs that ran off in fear. Some will be reunited with their families, and some will not.