Rocky & Mollie



Mollie has all the classic features that make the Labrador Retriever the most popular American breed.  She and Rocky have lived together all their lives and would like to live out retirement together.  At 10 years old and about 65 lbs., Mollie is the full package with nice manners (including being housetrained), a friendly disposition, glossy black coat and shiny white teeth.  Mollie is a dignified dog who enjoys neighborhood walks, sniffing out voles and frogs in the yard, attention from her people, and long naps.  She likes other dogs, especially her best friend Rocky.  Mollie gets along with both large and small dogs but requires polite introductions.  Mollie arrived at her foster house from the shelter and adjusted to life in a new household seamlessly.  Her resilience is amazing.  She has a chicken allergy and eats Purina Pro-Plan Sensitive Skin dog food which is chicken free.  Mollie also benefits from regular baths with medicated shampoo that helps keep her skin healthy.   Mollie is very interested in cats but has not been introduced.  She may could be trained to be respectful of cats, but it would take some patience.  Mollie is truly a wonderful dog.

Rocky is a 9 year old, 74 lb big, laid back, bundle of love who enjoys pats and snuggles from everyone.  Rocky appears to be Rhodesian Ridgeback/Golden Retriever and shows many of the breeds’ best characteristics.  He and Mollie have lived together all their lives and would like to live out retirement together.   Rocky is very attentive, friendly with other dogs and people, walks nicely on a leash, enjoys car rides, and is fully housetrained.  It does not take a lot of effort to keep Rocky happy.  He needs love, a couple trips outside each day to take care of his business, and someone able to resist those sweet brown eyes as he tries to convince you that he did not get enough to eat.  Rocky’s new owner will need to take care to ensure Rocky is not overfed.   His food needs to be measured each day and fed separately so he does not eat his house mate’s dinner.  Rocky is about nine years old and is in good overall health but does have some weakness in his hind legs due to an old injury.  Rocky is the perfect dog for someone who wants companionship and the security of a pet with a nice deep bark that sounds intimidating.  Rocky doesn’t overuse his bark, but it would certainly make an intruder think twice about coming through Rocky’s door uninvited.

Adoption Fee is $150 for each.


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