Henry Tug

Henry Tug is a sweet, senior Shih Tzu guy about 12 years old!    He came to us with a list of medical issues that we are starting to get resolved !    Henry has dry eye and had a bad eye infection.   The infection is cleared up now but Henry will need daily ointment in his eyes from now on to keep him comfortable.    Henry also had an ear infection but that too is cleared up.   Henry doesn’t see too well or hear very well.  He can see shadows and detect some motion.  Henry was quite overweight at 20 lbs but has lost down to a good weight by eating portion controlled weight management food.  He also has thinning hair which lead us to testing him for Cushings and it is confirmed that he has Cushings.  He has been on medication for the Cushings and is doing well.   Henry got a dental done and lost 11 teeth but that doesn’t keep him from eating at all !

Henry is very sweet, old, quiet gentleman.   Despite his loss of hearing and limited vision, he gets around very well navigating around the furniture.  He has done very well at not having accidents in the house and knows exactly what to do when he goes outside.   He will stroll in the grass for a little while and then he’s ready to come back inside and take a nap.   Henry is looking for retirement in a home that will keep his eyes, ears, and Cushings under control and be a snuggle companion.   He is such a good boy !    He licks my hand after I put the ointment in his eyes as if to thank me.

Henry would really appreciate some help with his medical expenses and the cost of his dental that he needs.   If you can help, any amount, please donate here.

If you are interested in being Henry’s retirement family, please fill out an application for adoption !

Thank you !