Adoption Fee:   $300

Missy is a 9 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Her previous owners bought Missy as a puppy and as an older couple, she was the center of their world and treated like a princess. After being in a loving home for so long, the husband passed away suddenly and the wife had to go into a nursing home. Missy came to us to find her a new forever home.

Missy is up to date on vaccines and spayed. During her vet care we discovered that Missy has a heart murmur and takes Vetmedin twice a day. You would never know that she had a heart murmur though as she is “lion-hearted” and chases birds, squirrels and deer ! She just had a dental and lost 7 teeth but did well under anesthesia despite the heart murmur.

Missy loves all people she meets !! I call her the WalMart greeter because she goes to greet every person that comes near her. She has bonded quickly with her foster family and I think will have no trouble bonding to her forever family.

She does well with most other dogs but she does have the terrier trait of wanting to chase anything that moves fast or gets excited. She responds well to gently correcting this behavior. She would be happiest in a home where she is the only dog but she has adapted to living with several other dogs in her foster home.

We do not know how fast the heart murmur will progress so it is hard to say if Missy has another 10 years or 10 months. It is a condition that will need to be monitored by a vet and adjust care as needed. Right now, as I said, you would never know by the way she acts that she any heart issues at all.

Missy is a princess looking for her castle ! If you are interested in adopting her please fill out an Adoption Application.