A Family in Need !


These 3 dogs all came from the same family that was no longer able to care for them.  Phyllis Rathbone, from WNC Mindful Tails, found out about their need to be rehomed.  She reached out to me to see if I knew anyone that could help.   I put a plea out to my network but received no positive responses.   Rescues, shelters, and fosters are all busting at the seams right now.   A few days later, I heard from Phyllis again “Anything?  Time is running short and these dogs will end up in a high-kill shelter”.   All three are well socialized, love men, women, children and other dogs.  I replied to Phyllis that if we could find foster homes for these dogs, that Marden’s Ark Dog Tales would do all it could to get them vaccinated, spayed and neutered, and find them forever homes.   As vaccines and spay/neuters were being arranged and scheduled, one by one, we found out that each one of these dogs was Heartworm Positive!  This was going to make finding them foster and forever homes even more difficult.  Phyllis and I put our heads together and followed every option we could come up with to save Oakley, Athena, and Hercules.  Phyllis worked endlessly for these dogs, never giving up!   Oakley found a great foster home that will care for her during her months of heartworm treatment and has fallen in love with her and plans to add Oakley to their family.   The deadline was approaching fast for Athena and Hercules.   At the same time, the miracles seemed to be approaching just as fast!  Athena went into a foster home and they too have fallen in love with her and plan to adopt her !   Hercules, being a “pit” was a little more difficult to find a place for.   After staying at a boarding facility for a month and the most searching, begging and pleading, and networking possible, a home for Hercules was found through another rescue ! Phyllis worked non-stop to save and help these 3 dogs week after week and it paid off!

Marden’s Ark Dog Tales provided the medical care for these 3 dogs which costs over $3000.   They were all spayed or neutered and are undergoing heartworm treatments now.  We were able to help a family who wanted to do the right thing for these dogs but did not have the resources.

In order to be able to help more dogs like Oakley, Athena, and Hercules and families in need please donate !   Any amount is helpful !   As you can see from this story, it takes a village, and any contribution is valuable.   If you are not able to help financially at this time, please share their stories.    If you share with 10 people, I bet at least one person will be able to contribute financially.

Another valuable truth from this story is that Foster Homes are critical to saving the lives of pets needing to be rehomed!    If you are interested in fostering, please fill out our Foster Application.