Microchips & Vet Care

In 2021, Marden’s Ark Dog Tales raised money to buy microchips for DEGA Mobile Veterinary Care.  DEGA provides basic veterinary care to low/no income pet families at no charge to them.   They were able to start offering Microchips with free registrations to their clients.  We also donated supplies such as blankets, food, dishes, leashes, harnesses, collars, puppy pads, pet toys and more for distribution at the DEGA medical clinics!   Helping people through these difficult times keeps their furry family members in their homes rather than being left at shelters or in rescues because they cannot afford to care for them.  This is a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone !

As a Rescuer, I see so many posts of pets lost and pets found. So many “found as strays” show up in high-kill shelters. None of these have microchips or the microchips were never registered. In addition to Spay/Neuter, I believe that microchipping your pets is the best thing you can do. If all these pets were able to get back to their homes, they would not be taking up valuable space in the shelters and rescues. With more space, less of the animals in shelters would lose their lives. My heart breaks for the pets and the families that have become lost from each other. You may think that “Snowball always stays with me, they would never run away”. This may be true, but you NEVER know what may happen.

Fireworks, gunshots, car backfires or even being in a car accident could scare your pet and they may run off in an unfamiliar area and become lost. You just never know. So why not be safe, rather than sorry !