Bunny Brigade SC, Inc

Marden’s Ark Dog Tales has a partnership with Petsmart with the common goal of enriching and improving the lives of pets and their families.   Frequently Petsmart generously will donate pet supplies to us.   We use what we can and network with other organizations to share the rest of the items with.   Recently Petsmart donated about 40 small animal cages – hamsters, rats, ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbit cages !   A few local rescues took a few of them and some were given to a local Veteran.

Volunteer, Laura Karas, searched and found the Bunny Brigade SC, Inc that said “Bring them all!”     On a rainy day, we packed a Ford F150 as full of cages as we could get it.   And off we went to meet Katie from the Bunny Brigade !  Katie was ecstatic !   It’s the time of year that they care for 300 baby Eastern Cottontails in hopes of returning them to the wild.  That’s a lot of babies !   Thanks to Petsmart we were able to give them over 20 cages.   We are working on another transport to deliver another truckload.

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