CiCi came to us from a county shelter when her owner was no longer able to care for her.  She was horribly matted and scared.   CiCi is a 10 year old, Maltese-Yorkie mix.   She weighs 9 lbs. and is a sweet little girl.  She had to be shaved down to get all that nasty, matted mess off her !  Luckily  her foster sister had a spare pair of jammies that CiCi can wear to keep her warm until her hair grows back out!

Cici visited the dogtor for a cough and for pre-op bloodwork before getting her spay surgery.  The vet discovered that CiCi has some mammary tumors.  X-rays were done to see if the tumors had spread and to make sure her lungs were okay.  The tumors had not spread and Cici’s lungs looked fine.   However, we are going to postpone her spay a week to make sure she recovers fully from her cold.

Surgery for spay and mammary tumor removal as well as the x-rays are expensive.  If you would like to help with the cost so this sweet, petite girl can get on her way to finding her perfect forever home, please go to our Donate page and any amount will help !

This little girl deserves the best !

Thank you !