5 Lovely Ladies

5 Lovely Ladies


We got a phone call about a lady that had several dogs. She had just had her second heart attack and caring for all the dogs was just too much on her. Through tears, she made the decision that the best thing for her and the dogs was for these cuties to come to Marden’s Ark Dog Tales.


All 5 of them ! Meet White Lily (the only white dog), G-Baby (in the photo with White Lily), Jynx, JJ (the 2 mostly black curly haired ones), and Jules (in a photo by herself). They all need to get up to date on vaccines, spayed (White Lily is the Grandma, G-Baby her daughter, and Jules is G-Baby’s daughter, and Jynx is JJ’s mother), tested for heartworms (they have not been on heartworm preventative), and dentals ! Jynx and JJ are Yorkie/Bichon mixes. White Lily, G-Baby, and Puppy are Yorkie/Maltese mixes. They are all super sweet and a little confused right now.


We need your donations to be able to pay for all this medical care for 5 ladies in need! Pray that none of them have heartworms !


Thank you for your support !


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