Burton is about 2 years old, 25 lbs. and maybe a dachshund, beagle, terrier mix. He’s an active fellow liking to chase and sometimes bring back a tennis ball. He was found as a stray after being hit by a car. His hind leg was broken and after a few months of splints and healing, he’s as active as ever! As active as Burton can be, he still likes to be close and curl up next to you on the couch.

Burton is crate trained and does very well in the crate and in the car. He’s working on house training and has improved greatly since being neutered. Burton is a smart guy and adapts and learns quickly. He can be a little shy when first meeting new people or dogs but seems to warm up in no time. He’s a little selective with dogs that are quite a bit bigger than him but with the right introduction he does fine. He just wants to play! We are working on getting him lots of exposure to dogs of all sizes so that with his quick adaptability, he will become fast friends with all.

He prefers to be called “Bubba” and responds well to that name and wags his tail. Since he’s a young energetic dog, he would do well to go through basic training and that is also a great bonding exercise with his new family. He loves toys especially ones he can chew. He has a good nose and may do well with some Nose work classes or even Agility. Burton would prefer to have access to a fenced yard so he can run out some of his energy and get to smell all the smells outside.
Burton is up to date on vaccines, neutered, and microchipped.

If you are interested in adopting him, please go to the website and fill out an adoption application.

If you would like to help with Burton’s medical costs, please visit the website to make a donation

Donate – Marden’s Ark Dog Tales (doggierefuge.org)

If you think you may be interested in adopting or fostering Burton please visit the website to fill out an Adoption Application or Foster Application.

Thank you !






Adoption Fee:   $300

Missy is a 9 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Her previous owners bought Missy as a puppy and as an older couple, she was the center of their world and treated like a princess. After being in a loving home for so long, the husband passed away suddenly and the wife had to go into a nursing home. Missy came to us to find her a new forever home.

Missy is up to date on vaccines and spayed. During her vet care we discovered that Missy has a heart murmur and takes Vetmedin twice a day. You would never know that she had a heart murmur though as she is “lion-hearted” and chases birds, squirrels and deer ! She just had a dental and lost 7 teeth but did well under anesthesia despite the heart murmur.

Missy loves all people she meets !! I call her the WalMart greeter because she goes to greet every person that comes near her. She has bonded quickly with her foster family and I think will have no trouble bonding to her forever family.

She does well with most other dogs but she does have the terrier trait of wanting to chase anything that moves fast or gets excited. She responds well to gently correcting this behavior. She would be happiest in a home where she is the only dog but she has adapted to living with several other dogs in her foster home.

We do not know how fast the heart murmur will progress so it is hard to say if Missy has another 10 years or 10 months. It is a condition that will need to be monitored by a vet and adjust care as needed. Right now, as I said, you would never know by the way she acts that she any heart issues at all.

Missy is a princess looking for her castle ! If you are interested in adopting her please fill out an Adoption Application.



Hercules is a sweet pittie mix about 4 years old (look at his 4 white paws!!)  He walks well on a leash, loves truck rides and new adventures and would be a great running buddy!
He loves to play fetch (doesn’t love to give it back but loves to chase it).  He’s good with men, women, children, and other dogs large and small. He is a VERY sweet big-headed pitapotamous.

Hercules has heartworms and will be staying at his foster home while he gets treatment. If you would like to contribute to his medical treatment, please visit our website to donate !



Oakley is a super sweet and loving 2 year old black lab. She is very energetic and loves to play fetch and run around but she also just likes to lay down and receive some loving.  She is good around other dogs and she is good around children though she can be excited and will jump.

Oakley has lived outside her entire life. But with a little training and love, she will definitely be transformed into an inside family member.

Oakley will be a great addition to a active family that’s looking for an loving girl to share their life and experiences with!

Oakley has heartworms and needs to undergo treatment.  If you would like to donate for her medical costs, please visit our website to donate!

Henry Tug

Henry Tug is a sweet, senior Shih Tzu guy about 12 years old!    He came to us with a list of medical issues that we are starting to get resolved !    Henry has dry eye and had a bad eye infection.   The infection is cleared up now but Henry will need daily ointment in his eyes from now on to keep him comfortable.    Henry also had an ear infection but that too is cleared up.   Henry doesn’t see too well or hear very well.  He can see shadows and detect some motion.  Henry was quite overweight at 20 lbs but has lost down to a good weight by eating portion controlled weight management food.  He also has thinning hair which lead us to testing him for Cushings and it is confirmed that he has Cushings.  He has been on medication for the Cushings and is doing well.   Henry got a dental done and lost 11 teeth but that doesn’t keep him from eating at all !

Henry is very sweet, old, quiet gentleman.   Despite his loss of hearing and limited vision, he gets around very well navigating around the furniture.  He has done very well at not having accidents in the house and knows exactly what to do when he goes outside.   He will stroll in the grass for a little while and then he’s ready to come back inside and take a nap.   Henry is looking for retirement in a home that will keep his eyes, ears, and Cushings under control and be a snuggle companion.   He is such a good boy !    He licks my hand after I put the ointment in his eyes as if to thank me.

Henry would really appreciate some help with his medical expenses and the cost of his dental that he needs.   If you can help, any amount, please donate here.

If you are interested in being Henry’s retirement family, please fill out an application for adoption !

Thank you !


Rocky & Mollie



Mollie has all the classic features that make the Labrador Retriever the most popular American breed.  She and Rocky have lived together all their lives and would like to live out retirement together.  At 10 years old and about 65 lbs., Mollie is the full package with nice manners (including being housetrained), a friendly disposition, glossy black coat and shiny white teeth.  Mollie is a dignified dog who enjoys neighborhood walks, sniffing out voles and frogs in the yard, attention from her people, and long naps.  She likes other dogs, especially her best friend Rocky.  Mollie gets along with both large and small dogs but requires polite introductions.  Mollie arrived at her foster house from the shelter and adjusted to life in a new household seamlessly.  Her resilience is amazing.  She has a chicken allergy and eats Purina Pro-Plan Sensitive Skin dog food which is chicken free.  Mollie also benefits from regular baths with medicated shampoo that helps keep her skin healthy.   Mollie is very interested in cats but has not been introduced.  She may could be trained to be respectful of cats, but it would take some patience.  Mollie is truly a wonderful dog.

Rocky is a 9 year old, 74 lb big, laid back, bundle of love who enjoys pats and snuggles from everyone.  Rocky appears to be Rhodesian Ridgeback/Golden Retriever and shows many of the breeds’ best characteristics.  He and Mollie have lived together all their lives and would like to live out retirement together.   Rocky is very attentive, friendly with other dogs and people, walks nicely on a leash, enjoys car rides, and is fully housetrained.  It does not take a lot of effort to keep Rocky happy.  He needs love, a couple trips outside each day to take care of his business, and someone able to resist those sweet brown eyes as he tries to convince you that he did not get enough to eat.  Rocky’s new owner will need to take care to ensure Rocky is not overfed.   His food needs to be measured each day and fed separately so he does not eat his house mate’s dinner.  Rocky is about nine years old and is in good overall health but does have some weakness in his hind legs due to an old injury.  Rocky is the perfect dog for someone who wants companionship and the security of a pet with a nice deep bark that sounds intimidating.  Rocky doesn’t overuse his bark, but it would certainly make an intruder think twice about coming through Rocky’s door uninvited.

Adoption Fee is $150 for each.


If  you would like to help with the medical expenses for Rocky & Bonnie to heal their skin and ears, please visit us here to donate.

If you are interested in giving this senior couple the best retirement every, please visit us here to fill out an adoption application.


Antonio “Tony” Banderas

Meet Tony !!!

Tony is a 2 1/2 year old Chihuahua mix weighing about 12 lbs.  He loves people once he takes a few minutes to warm up to them.  He’s a little partial to women but hey, he’s Antonio Banderas !   He loves gets along with other dogs and love to cuddle his person.   He is also very active and athletic and has lots of energy outside.

He is learning about going potty outside.  Tony has had so many changes in his life lately.  He needs time to adjust and learn the routines and has already made progress in his foster home.  He does great with a belly band.

Tony will make a great new family member for someone !

If you are interested in adopting him please fill out an Adoption Application !

Gigi Bella

Gigi Bella is a 2 year old Beagle/Shih-Tzu sweet girl !   Her owner decided that he wasn’t able to walk her like a young girl needed to be walked and exercised due to his own health issues.    We had a family looking to add a sweet girl into their lives after their senior dog passed away several months ago.  She immediately loved running in their fenced backyard and is settling in nicely !!




Jasper Adopted !

Jasper is an 8 year old male.  He came to us with injuries that looked liked he had skidded on asphalt after being thrown out of a vehicle.   He is healing well.  It seems as though he is deaf.  Jasper does not have great teeth.  The vet thinks that perhaps his teeth suffered from a previous overuse of  antibiotics.  It is possible he had chronic ear infections in the past which were treated with multiple antibiotics and the chronic ear infections caused his deafness.  Jasper is very cuddly and gets along with other dogs and cats as long as they don’t get in his space.  See our Facebook page for more updates on Jasper !