Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the needed medical care, socialization, and appropriate family for dogs in need.  We work with a network of animal rescues, animal trainers, veterinarians, and people dedicated to the betterment of animal lives.   A side benefit of our mission is the great enrichment that our companion dogs provide to us and their new families !

We strive to help dogs that have fallen through the cracks, the ones that can be  healed, emotionally and/or physically, but got overlooked by adopters or rescues by no fault of their own.    Sometimes this will mean rushing a dog, like Mister, from the shelter to emergency surgery to save his life.   Sometimes this will mean providing a environment for a dog where they can learn to trust and love humans.   In order to do this, we must keep an emergency fund.   To help us provide this care for those that get lost in the system sometimes, please go to our Donate page.